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Steadily moving next-generation industries in the right direction

Article - October 27, 2022

YUEI is a leading manufacturer of casters, integrating original techniques into products which simplify the labor of diverse global corporations.


“Our strength is that we are able to customize our casters and our other products to meet the exact needs of our clients.”
Kota Ojima, President & CEO. YUEI Co., Ltd.

A stalwart of the Japanese caster industry with 45 years of experience, YUEI continues to go from strength to strength. The secret, according to company president, Kota Ojima, is simple: “We respond to each and every one of our customers’ requests and have a deep understanding of their needs.”

If that approach gives the firm a clear competitive advantage, Japan’s demographic situation can still create headaches. Fully automating the manufacturing process is attractive but unrealistic. Instead, YUEI is looking to reduce the number of workers required for individual processes.

Mr. Ojima is adamant, however, that releasing engineers is not on the cards. Rather, by increasing production lines, they will become even more indispensable to the firm’s output.

Either way, it’s clear that exciting plans are afoot. The launch of the Ultimate Urethane Caster, for example, promises to improve working conditions for laborers in the construction and automotive industries. Smoostar protects goods from shocks and vibrations during transportation, and will soon be followed onto the market by a caster equipped with an IoT sensor.

With an established market in China, Mr. Ojima is looking to expand the company’s operations in Vietnam, where mesh pallets are already produced for the Vietnamese and Japanese domestic markets respectively. “In the future,” Mr. Ojima states, “we would like to produce casters at our Vietnam factory so that we can expand caster sales in Southeast Asia.”

And that is far from his only stated ambition. Having cornered a 25% share in the Japanese domestic market and more recently become the country’s top caster maker, the next target for YUEI is to push sales to JPY 10 billion. And after that? “Become the number one caster maker in the world.”

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