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Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd. seeks to strengthen its global presence

Article - July 3, 2023

With an already diverse product line-up, demands for climate action have seen the group explore new possibilities with a view to increasing its overseas sales ratio.


“In Japan and in the global market, quality comes first and foremost for our company; we are always striving to improve.”

Osamu Abe, President, Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd.

First established more than a century ago, Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd. (“NOP”) has built a reputation as a supplier of reliable, innovative products which are crucial to the machine tool industry.

While most firms follow the mantra QCD (quality, cost, delivery), for NOP, delivery comes before cost. Indeed, according to Osamu Abe, President of NOP, quality and delivery are the reasons why the company is able to compete in the global market.

With established core products such as the Trochoid pumps and hydraulic pumps, a strong global presence appears more than possible, not least in the wake of COP 26 and the growing expectation that companies deliver on climate action.

But it is arguably NOP’s latest line of products that offer the most potential in this regard.

Take the newly developed NOP filter pumps, for example, whose all-in-one functionality not only improves production efficiency but also reduces maintenance costs. With a unique double-cyclone system that removes both large debris and small particles, leading to the supply of filtered coolant fluid, the technology is an aggregation of the multiple components of a standard coolant unit. This means companies can save not just on maintenance costs but also floor space. And coming soon: a high-pressure model to match its low-pressure counterpart.

Working alongside the NOP filter pumps is the TNC coolant unit, a system which prevents the build-up of sludge deposits, by suctioning, separating and filtering them with a cyclone pump, ensuring any dirty liquid is captured in a wire-mesh bucket. By providing clean fluid for machining tools, the unit reduces the likelihood of machines becoming defective or their pipes becoming clogged.

Though a relatively new product category, Osamu Abe is anticipating that the NOP filter pumps will become a “core product” in the company’s line-up in the foreseeable future, making the prospect of increasing its overseas sales ratio to 50% from the current 30% a genuine possibility. Above all, the president states that his mission is to “lead NOP to sustainable growth”.