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Midori Anzen: Providing safety and peace of mind

Article - January 19, 2023

Monozukuri means innovation for Japan’s leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment


“To continue our success as Japan’s leading PPE company, we must not only be able to deliver consistently high-quality products tailored to clients’ needs, but also be prepared to think outside of the box.”
Fujio Matsumura, President, MIDORI ANZEN Co., Ltd.

Originally established in 1952, Midori Anzen has been manufacturing safety products for seventy years and counting.

And the secret to the company’s continued success, according to President Fujio Matsumura, is rooted in its attention to detail and craftsmanship.

“Pursuing monozukuri,” Mr. Matsumura says, “is equivalent to pursuing innovation.”

Extensive research and trials have, for example, led to the production of a compact toecap whose small lateral winglet offers full protection to the pinkie toe, a longstanding challenge for the safety shoe industry.

The company’s attitude to innovation goes beyond mere manufacturing. For example, Midori Anzen turns the challenge of Japan’s demographic decline into an opportunity to innovatively make use of limited resources.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Matsumura, another key advantage is their ‘direct-selling, no-distributor business approach’ that enables Midori’s sales force to capture the safety needs from customers first hand, allowing Midori’s product development team to act on without the usual time-consuming market evaluation process.

In terms of recycling and sustainable development, the company has an enviable track record, having been awarded the Japanese Eco Mark Award in 2017: testament to their commitment to recycling and optimizing efficiency without creating collateral waste.

Looking ahead, the PPE industry offers opportunities for expansion into South East Asia, while the ever-evolving automotive sector continues to depend on Midori’s world-famous seat leather.

Whatever the future brings, Mr. Matsumura is certain of one thing: innovation will be the key to survive in the current market.