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Konishi provides the adhesives of the future

Article - October 9, 2022

While its origins were that of a trading firm, Konishi has expanded into many fields and today makes Japan’s number one adhesive brand, ‘Bond’, which it is looking to grow overseas.


“Bond” – the number-one bestselling adhesive in Japan – will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year, making Konishi the long-established adhesive manufacturer in Asia.

Konishi started its business back in 1870 as a pharmaceutical trader. Following that, the company expanded its business to the sales of industrial chemicals and transformed itself into a company dealing in chemistry, while working to meet customer’s requests and the demands of the society, as observed in the development of the Bond brand in the 1950s.

Whilst Bond continues to be Konishi’s main line of business, the company is today focused on further expanding its chemical products, as well establishing a civil engineering and construction business.

“With the former, we operate as a company specializing in chemicals and, with the latter, our affiliated construction companies play major roles in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of social infrastructure and architectural stock,” says Keiichi Oyama, President and CEO of Konishi.

As for its famous adhesive products, Konishi is also broadening its target markets by targeting industrial uses. Its functional adhesive products are already extremely versatile. For example, when it comes to its use in smartwatches, Konishi’s adhesive is not just used as a glue; rather it is used to fill out the space between the components in order to dissipate heat.

“There are many applications for adhesives,” explains Mr. Oyama. “It can really be used for any kind of application, including in both electronic and mechanical components to reduce vibrations, or reduce the environmental impact. We are currently trying to add more functionality to our products. Even though we have already brought our general-purpose adhesive to overseas markets, our competitors in other countries are strong in terms of low pricing. We want to bring unique function-added products overseas to stay ahead of the competition.”

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