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Integrating IoT and imaging technologies for simplified pharmaceutical distribution

Article - June 13, 2023

TAKAZONO seeks to reduce the risk of human error and the burden on pharmacists while drastically increasing the safety of the patients through their medicine audit support system and packaging machines.


“We would like to find new business opportunities so that we can be present in this new evolving pharmaceutical world.”

Tsutomu Kitaguchi, President, TAKAZONO Corporation

Over the half century since TAKAZONO was established in 1963, the company has strived to manufacture products that support patients and healthcare service providers alike.

“We have worked hard to develop technology, manufacture and sell products, and provide related services, going to great lengths to incorporate feedback from patients and pharmacists in order to develop accurate and efficient products,”Mr.Kitaguchi says.

“Our next goal is to provide products which satisfy patients and healthcare service providers around the world. TAKAZONO’s philosophy is to always exert best efforts to create products that meet the needs of the times and to respond flexibly as the world changes. We do so in order to continue to contribute to the society even as we win recognition for our efforts.”

In recent times, the company has been advancing its imaging and image processing technology in order to improve monitoring and identification of medicines, thus reducing the human error that may happen when processed manually. In 2023, electronic prescriptions will be introduced, which will mean that the patients will not have to wait in the pharmacies to receive their medicine.

 “There will also be traceability embedded with this new system, which will allow you to follow a person’s medicine intake and monitor how the person’s body is reacting to their medicine,” Mr. Kitaguchi explains.

In a recent survey by the PR Times conducted with pharmacists in Japan, their biggest complaint with their packaging machines came down to the cleaning process and the lack of automatic cleaning functions available. TAKAZONO however has packaging machines in its portfolio of products to address the issue, Mr.Kitaguchi says.

“Japanese pharmacies have very small and limited space. The uniqueness of our tablet and powder packaging machine is that it is small in size and very compact. It also has high functionality and is very precise and accurate when it comes to medicine dispensing as well as packaging. Since we are earnestly dedicated in our approach to monozukuri, the lifespan of our product is very long. We thus have the dilemma of not being able to resell our products to repeat clients, because our products are so durable!”

Going forward, the company is looking to increase its investment in digital transformation of the pharmaceutical sector, as well as providing practical solutions such as its packaging machines.

“Currently, patients receive paper prescriptions, and then go to the pharmacy to receive the medicines. However, with the advancement of IoT things are becoming more automated,” says Mr. Kitaguchi. “This is also from a logistics point of view too. When you go to the doctors, you are prescribed medicine, and by the time you get home, the medicine may be delivered to your home, or you can wait at your home to receive the medicine. The world is changing, and TAKAZONO would like to find new business opportunities. We will continue to provide new products, so that we can exist in this new evolving pharmaceutical world.”

Having taken over as president of TAKAZONO last year, Mr. Kitaguchi is optimistic about the future, prioritizing the company’s core manufacturing philosophy and commitment to quality and the constant improvement in addressing new challenges.

“Every three years, as a company, we make a management plan. My role as the president is to accomplish the three-year plan steadily and surely,” he says. “By doing so, I want to ensure that the company has a solid structure that can be handed down to the next generation. In Japan there is a saying, sanpo-yoshi, which means there are benefits for the seller and the buyer, as well as the society. It is not just our company that should be making the profit. There should be profit for the customers, too. We also want to bring goodness and benefits to the society. TAKAZONO would like to keep this philosophy of being a company that provides sanpo-yoshi.”