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High-quality textiles that meet the highest Japanese standards

Article - February 28, 2023

An appreciation of the finer things in life is the thinking behind Atago’s Nobiluza brand and just like its fabrics the Fukui headquartered firm is looking to 'stretch and grow’ its presence internationally. 

When it comes to clothing, no matter the product, comfort as well as appearance are most important, and that’s certainly the philosophy for apparel and textiles company Atago and Co., which was established almost a hundred years ago.

“When we produced a certain kind of mask, for example, we tried to make a product that was comfortable to wear with the fine adjustment of the length of the ear strap,” explains company president Yasuo Atago. “Materials stretch differently, so small cutting adjustments are needed to make comfortable products.”

As well as utilizing plants in Japan and China effectively, key to the company's success has been differentiation.

“We didn’t want to produce the same thing as our major competitors,” says Mr. Atago. “They mass produced standard white inner wear so we turned our focus to some niche fields such as wellness wear, outdoor wear and even clothes that can help with recovery from fatigue.

“We expect our wellness and recovery wear, in particular, to be popular in overseas markets.”

With dreams of launching some B2C business on an e-commerce platform and also plans to enter the U.S. and European markets, another objective is clear.

“We’d like to grow sales of our innovative stretch material brand Nobiluza, which literally means ‘to stretch and grow’, initially domestically and then across China.”