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Hanken Works: High-quality hakomono for the global market

Article - September 22, 2022

With a history spanning almost 100 years, Hanken Works is a leading manufacturer of specialized enclosures that meet the demands of several sectors.


“We’re aiming to expand our hakomono all over the world.”
Nobuo Matsuda, President, Hanken Works Ltd.

A company that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023, Hanken Works manufactures specialized enclosures such as fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and mufflers for construction, agricultural and industrial machinery.

Hanken’s enclosures, referred to in Japanese as hakomono, are crafted with a dedication to monozukuri – the pursuit of perfection at the heart of Japanese manufacturing. For President Nobuo Matsuda, monozukuri comes down to precise role distribution – “this gives us good quality, cost and delivery results” – combined with a culture of close cooperation between divisions. “The excellence of Japanese monozukuri is its focus on collaboration and transparency,” he says.

Hanken’s quality commitment is illustrated, for example, by the rigorous testing and welding procedures that guarantee the integrity of its tanks. “We’re proud to say our leak ratio is the best in the industry,” Mr. Matsuda says. “We’re currently running a ratio of plus-minus 1% of leaks happening at the production site. If we do find leaks, we repair them using advanced welding techniques. This ensures we have the best possible product and our customers remain satisfied.”

As the firm strives to boost the worldwide reach of its hakomono, Hanken’s Indonesian plant, which is integral to this drive, is set to expand. “Indonesia is the country that procures products globally. From Indonesia our products go to many countries around the globe,” Mr. Matsuda says. Hanken also aims to increase sales within Indonesia, he adds, “The country’s domestic market has a lot of potential. There’ll be a large market there in the future.”