Thursday, Jul 18, 2024
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Biodata Bank: Revolutionizing Workplace Heat Safety

Article - February 21, 2024

Biodata Bank aims to tackle heat-related illnesses and labor shortages with its CNRIA smartband.

Japan's demographic challenges are posing significant hurdles for industries, but innovative companies like Biodata Bank are stepping up to address the critical issue of labor productivity together with worker’s safety.

Its CNRIA smartband identifies heat-stroke risk, providing personalized preventive alerts for breaks, enhancing worker safety without compromising productivity. CNRIA's unique technology focuses on core body temperature variation, a new approach to heat stroke prevention, differentiating it from competitors and mainstream smartwatches.

"Our customers are using 100% of the function of our device,” says the company’s president, Takeshi Anzai, with a smile. Mr. Anzai emphasizes the strength of this simplicity, stating: “We have created a simple product, with no language boundaries, to cope with the global issue of extreme heat anywhere in the world.“

 “From the very start we focused on the international market,” insists Mr. Anzai. France, chosen as a strategic location for Biodata Bank's expansion, has played a pivotal role in connecting with the European market. “We are currently focusing on the European market, as our product has received much attention in particular, in the field of construction." 

Biodata Bank's expansion into education and elderly care also reflects a commitment to broader societal impact. Mr. Anzai says: "Providing smart and innovative protection against heat, such as that provided by CNRIA, is a much-needed step forward as the climate situation is deteriorating."

Finally, in addressing the company's environmental impact, Mr. Anzai highlights the one-season-use design of their products, promoting 100% reuse and recycling. The collected data contributes to an analysis service, providing valuable insights for clients.

Looking ahead, Mr. Anzai stresses the importance of continued investment in research and development. "Heat risk, but also other healthcare issues, are highly correlated to core body temperature variation. This is why at Biodata Bank, we concentrate our R&D on this major health indicator.”