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Analytical and measuring instruments of unmatched quality

Article - September 27, 2023

Nittoseiko Analytech’s equipment is at the front lines of the fight against global warming, air and water pollution, and more.

“Over the years, we have responded to the diverse needs of our customers with our unique advanced technology, and wide variety of analytical and measuring instruments.” Motokuni Ishimaru, President, Nittoseiko Analytech Co., Ltd.

For 50 years, Nittoseiko Analytech (formerly Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech) has excelled in the field of analytical instruments. The Japanese company’s highly reliable and technologically-advanced equipment is used in a wide variety of industries, from energy and mineral resources to electronic materials, pharmaceuticals and food, and exported to 50 countries worldwide.

Nittoseiko Analytech’s products fall under three product groups: titrators and moisture meters, which have over 50 years of history; elemental analyzers that comply with many official methods and have a wide range of analytical applications and lineups; and resistivity meters that are indispensable for evaluating the physical properties of electronic materials. Now, as part of the Nittoseiko Group, which acquired and renamed the company in 2020, Nittoseiko Analytech aims to expand globally with a focus on helping clients reduce their environmental impact.

“We started in 1973 as the analytical equipment division of the Mitsubishi Chemical Industry. In 1995, the company was spun off to become Dia Instruments. In 2008, the company name was changed to Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech. It became a subsidiary of Nittoseiko in 2020, and we started anew as Nittoseiko Analytech,” says president Motokuni Ishimaru.

Thanks to the strengths, technology and know-how Nittoseiko Analytech has built up over the years, the Japanese enterprise can deliver high-quality products based on each customer’s needs, providing a comprehensive service that includes consultation and after-sales services.

“We strictly produce our products based on international standards. Along with providing high-quality and precise devices, we also give measurement procedures and schedule the measuring process. By doing so, we can supply products that represent both the ‘Made in Japan’ and Nittoseiko Analytech brands,” adds Mr. Ishimaru.

“Our operation or management vision is to continue achieving innovations to remain a trustworthy company and contribute to the happiness of our customers and employees.In order to elevate customer satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive service network domestically and overseas.”

Parent company Nittoseiko Co., Ltd. specializes in fastening technology and screws, but was originally a fluid meter manufacturer. As such, the motivation behind its acquisition of Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech was the chance to reestablish its presence in the analytical and measurement sector. “At the same time, we have a substantial international network, connecting 50 countries where we already have sales channels. Nittoseiko had a long-term vision of expanding overseas, and our company served as a significant channel for them to go global,” explains the president.

As for the synergistic impact, Nittoseiko is not only strong in fastening systems but also in mechanical machinery, robotics and automation technologies. “With Japan's aging population and low birth rate, automation will be key in reducing labor requirements. Since Nittoseiko has extensive technology on automation, we are discussing how we can combine our measurement technology with their mechanical technology or industrial machinery so that we can upgrade our measurement systems,” says Mr. Ishimaru. “We are conferring with Nittoseiko about the use of our newly-established European base in Germany as the channel for its products to expand into Europe. By doing so, we can similarly fortify our German base."

While Nittoseiko Analytech already holds a dominant share domestically in the fossil fuel and petrochemical industry market, moving forward the company aims to expand its presence in the fields of pharmaceutical & medical and lithium-ion batteries. “These days, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries domestically and globally in the field of lithium-ion batteries. With the decarbonization of society, there will be new alternative energy sources. We currently have a dominant share in the measurement for gasoline which has stable demand and includes jet fuel, SAF, synthetic energy, recycled oil and fuel cells. We want to be ready to cater to each new emerging market,” the president explains, stressing that the company’s main focus is to provide analytical and measurement instruments to contribute to its customers' efforts in reducing their environmental burden.

“Our products are not big devices, and we are concentrating on supplying precise and high-quality devices, so our customers can become active in achieving environmentally-sound activities. One of the mainstream levels of support that we provide for our clients to reduce the environmental burden is in the field of lithium-ion batteries. We supply instruments that can measure the raw material or powder. Major global battery makers are introducing our products. Therefore, we are supporting their activities.”

In response to the issue of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), around which there has been tightening environmental regulation in the U.S., E.U. and other regions, Nittoseiko Analytech highlights its AQF-2100H analytical equipment. Utilizing IC (ion chromatography) with AQF-2100H (combustion IC) is an ideal solution to screen PFAS in all sorts of products or waste and yet another example of Nittoseiko Analytech's commitment to tackling pressing global environmental concerns.