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Agrochemicals for safe and secure food production

Article - October 11, 2023

SDS Biotech is formulating a business plan for global expansion as the Japanese firm looks to help provide the world with food security through its innovative pesticides.


“Amid the limits on expanding farmland, it is essential to increase the productivity of existing agricultural land."

Toru Abe, President & Representative Director, SDS Biotech K.K.

Established in 1968, SDS Biotech K.K. is a research and development-oriented agrochemicals company focused on creating effective, safe, and eco-friendly products. Its active substances are widely used in various agricultural fields, supporting farming in Japan and overseas. Having merged with Idemitsu Kosan Agri-bio Department in 2022, the company now aims to expand its overseas business with its unique products.

Benzobicyclon, a groundbreaking rice herbicide, is a prime example. It offers a unique weed control mechanism and is widely used for resistant weed management in paddy rice fields across many countries. SDS Biotech developed and commercialized benzobicyclon, gaining approval in Japan in 2001, followed by registrations in South Korea, the USA, China, Colombia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Efforts are underway to register it in the Southern EU and South America. Benzobicyclon customization continues, with the optimization of application methods including drone application, chemigation, and new formulation types. Recent research also revealed its ability to suppress the growth of problematic weeds, further driving demand.

By harnessing the power of cashew nut shell extract (CNSE), which is developed by Idemitsu, SDS Biotech now has a functional feed additive for livestock, with components that support rumen function by controlling certain microbes. Feeding CNSE material to livestock enhances milk production, reproductive rates, and body size in beef cattle, while suppressing methane production, a significant greenhouse gas. Testing is underway with plans to launch in various countries, with the aim of improving cattle productivity while reducing environmental impact.

By expanding overseas, SDS Biotech aims to attract new clients focusing on customization, localized application methods, and continuous optimization, ensuring tailored solutions for farmers and livestock producers worldwide. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture and becoming a global leader in sustainable farming practices.

As company president Toru Abe says, “I want us to contribute more on global issues.”