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Carlos Rodrigues, PCA Jeosat Angola Lda

Interview - November 24, 2011

Jeosat Angola is the pioneer in steel framing in Angola and uses the best technology to grow exponentially


To start the interview we would like to know your comments on the current moment Angola is experiencing after the 2002 Peace Treaty: all the successes it has achieved. What do you think was key factor in the success Angola is benefiting from and what is your vision for the future?

I believe that Angola is an example in terms of the transformation of a state of war to a state where peace is guaranteed. I believe it to be an example for the rest of African countries, even more when Angola had such a long and difficult civil war.
I believe that part of these achievements were achieved because Angola has many important natural resources and so the transition government only wanted to make peace with all the war adversaries in order to start building up the new Angola. Obviously a very big part of the successes achieved in Angola were thanks to the magnificent management of His Excellency President Dos Santos of the situation and his will of stopping the war times and opening a new era of understanding.
Angola is an example to the African continent in many sectors and areas, being the transformation of a military state into a democratic and open one the biggest example of its leadership. I would say that the most natural and logical conduct would be to create synergies and partnerships with more developed countries.

Could you tell us what have been the most important challenges you have faced in the civil construction sector?

We have faced the problems that we found in Angola in a very different manner than our competitors. We knew what the problems and answers Angola gave, but we were not happy with them. We believe that it is only through the investment in the highest and best technology that the real and important changes are achieved, and that is what we did. The best technology provides a company the opportunity to grow exponentially. The most talented countries in terms of technology give the best and pioneered solutions because they use the most advanced technology.
We wanted to give a different solution and in order to do so we had to invest in technology, in quick and efficient systems to construct and nowadays we are very different from our competitors. Our system is directed to countries where the know-how is not the most developed area in society and so our ROLLFORMER can be used with no very-in depth knowledge.
We work with a team of young talents in creating major projects to help the development not only in Angola but in Mozambique too where the work force does not have very advanced knowledge or depth of science or engineering but obviously needs the best and most efficient results at the lowest price possible.

JEOSAT ANGOLA is a joint-venture with the Angolan Government or do they work together in specific areas?

JEOSAT works in two ways: it is a private company but it has in some areas of business a specific partnership with the Angolan Government. We built in Cazenga a very big village that is going to be given to the soldiers who fought during the civil war. This is a project that was launched with the Government in Luanda. In this project we were given the Golden Lion Award of the FILDA and an award from the United Nations in good governance. This project in Cazenga is very important as the requalification of the land where the houses are being constructed has given rise to a project of billions of US Dollars. This project is using the latest developments in technology in Angola, actually our technology is being imported to the United States of America and very important countries which are being developed such as in Dubai or Brazil.
Our technology is cheaper, quicker, does not need very knowledgeable workforce and it has a very important social aspect as it helps to integrate communities of workers who cannot get more developed jobs due to their training. We believe that the ROLLFORMER helps not only to construct and develop very big businesses but as well gives the opportunity to countries that are not developed as the First World to develop in a shorter space of time and in a very competitive manner.
Our technology no doubt that can be used as a political tool, we are very proud to admit.

Mr Rodrigues, do you see yourself as a visionary? We believe that your achievements are of a big importance to the rest of the world, we are very happy to have the opportunity to talk to you of this project and of the machinery involved.

Not as a visionary, no, but I see myself as a very curious person, I like to invest in Research and Development, I believe it to be key for success, more in the times where we live in. The objective is to analyze the most important points of research and to get through the most advanced technologies, once you are in touch with them the rest is to create a solution that is not expensive and can be used everywhere. These solutions are the ones that the ROLLFORMER provides.
Let’s take an example of a country that has gone through a very important phase of development recently, let’s take Brazil. Brazil is only centered in its development as they are using our methods and procedures; they are investing in technology and thus missing out some steps in development but reaching the same goals and objectives in a shorter space of time.

What projects are JEOSAT ANGOLA developing and where and how is the ROLLFORMER being used?

JEOSAT ANGOLA is the pioneer in steel framing in Angola. It is researching new technologies and has many projects in mind; we are very happy to admit that we have been contacted by important companies to work in big projects, not only in Angola.
We are constructing a town in Mozambique: is it a 32000 million US Dollars project: we are building a refinery, a port, a railway transportation system and an airport to start off with.
In the next 5 years we want to be placed at the top, as one of the most sustainable projects not only in Africa but in the rest of the world as well. It is very important to acknowledge that only through technology and sustainability can you reach the levels of development that have to be accomplished in many parts of Africa.
The German Deutsche Bank (through its Spanish branch in Madrid) is investing in our project: they have confidence in what we do and are financing our project in Mozambique. We believe that the spirit Deutsche Bank has to invest in Mozambique goes in the same line as that of the German investors in Angola. Our two countries have to go together: Germany has technology; Angola has opportunities, it is only reasonable to work together.
The German equipment provides us the credibility that many investors need when investing in a country. Our link to Europe goes through Germany- the image of the Civil War in Angola misinterpreted all of the opportunities and assets Angola has.
We shake our hands and have to work together; it is the most natural reaction to the laws of supply and demand. It is very important to state that the investment in Industry is basic in order to develop in an orderly and sustainable manner and that is why Deutsche Bank has given us its confidence and have invested in us- because of the exemplary transition to peace we were portraying in the first question of this interview.

What are the competitive advantages to invest with JEOSAT ANGOLA? We have been told that the know-how is not the most important asset but what part does training and capacitating play for the workers of JEOSAT ANGOLA, LDA?

In JEOSAT ANGOLA the most important asset is to invest in capacitating our staff, we need the best. We practice synergies with important centers of education and training. About 30% of our workers have gone abroad to receive training.
Angola wants to be a country with companies that are examples to other companies and countries. Take for instance Zimbabwe, it developed very significantly but did not invest in the long term and now is far from the figures Angola has.
If we take Germany as an example, its image of hard work and seriousness is a precedent. 

What message would you like to give our investment Community in Germany?

The German Community has to believe in Angola and its possibilities. Germany needs to study the areas of development in Angola. Many projects need the financing of Germany and not only monetary but as well the training of its people.
We have given many reasons for being a country where German investors can come to receive surpluses of their investments. The financial, social and political compensations are not going to stop in Angola. Germany is already late, they have to come now!!!