Friday, Mar 24, 2023
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Eight Tool’s hexagon wrenches providing quality across multiple industries

Article - October 24, 2022

While manufacturing is becoming more automated, some processes can never be handled by machines. Eight Tool provides the tools to ensure these processes are done with the highest level of precision.

“Our Excellent series of products have specific quality standards to ensure superior performance.”
Yasuhiro Oka, President, Eight Tool Co., Ltd.

“We provide high-quality products for superior performance and work-cost efficiency,” says Eight Tool president Yasuhiro Oka. “That is why they’ve been accepted by industry professionals for over six decades.”

This is best demonstrated with its unique alloy steel, SNCM+V, which “provides the ideal balance of hardness and torsional resistance that is specifically suited for hexagon wrenches,” explains Mr. Oka, while another critical strength is the ‘fit-ness’ of the wrench heads to bolt walls, “aiding wear resistance and torsional power transmission.”

“A unique and popular feature is Taper Head, an enhanced ball-point function that enables a wrench to be inserted into a bolt cap from tilted angles. Countless tests and redesigns, along with our skilled engineers, result in products in which our customers can feel the difference.“

With a new production management system to maximize workflow efficiencies and an eye on automation, this small company with big dreams is striving forwards, for continual product improvement and even more global reach through new sales and promotional partnerships.

“With our international partners, we try to learn local demands and make sure to provide the best suitable products possible, one customer at a time.”

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Manufacturing, Japan

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President and Representative Director

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CEO & President
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Nobumasa Ishiai

President and CEO, ABLIC Inc. Senior Managing Executive Officer, MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (Parent Company of ABLIC)