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Azazy brings first British franchise school, Malvern

Article - June 4, 2015

Azazy Group signs British school franchise with Malvern College

In a historic pact between the countries, on 14th December 2014 Khaled Azazy, Chairman and CEO of Azazy Group, representing the Worldwide Group for Investment and Development, officially signed an agreement to establish the first UK franchise school in Egypt with the renowned Malvern College.

Founded in 1865, Malvern College is one of the UK’s leading independent schools, with a 150-year track record for helping students reach their full potential through a broad curriculum that focuses on academic work as well as sport, music, art and drama. Some of Malvern College’s more well-known British alumni include the author C.S. Lewis and Maurice Wilks, who conceived and developed the Land Rover automobile manufacturer.

In response to a demand for the type of high-quality education on which it built its reputation, Malvern College has branched out in recent years, establishing campuses in Qingdao, China, and now Egypt. Built on the same principles as its parent organization in the U.K., Malvern College Egypt will be a co-educational day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18. Parents will be able to enroll their children starting September 2015 and lessons will commence staring September 2016. The school is ideally situated between two well-known and affluent parts of Cairo, Maadi and New Cairo.

In this exciting new partnership, Malvern College’s history and tradition will join together with the ideals set forth by the late Dr. Hassan Azazy, who started his quest to advance the education system within Egypt back in the early 1960’s with just one school. Since then, the Azazy Group has successfully built 14 local schools, a High Institute as well as Future University in Egypt. Together, these institutions have created a tradition of excellence and dedication, equipping its more than 20,000 students per year with the knowledge and skills they need in order to make a positive difference not only in their own lives, but also within the community at large.

The launching of Malvern College in Egypt represented a significant event for Egypt’s primary education system and was attended by Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, British Ambassador to Egypt John Casson, as well as Baroness Gloria Hooper, actress Liz Hurley and Omar Sharif. Other attendees included Lord MacLaurin, Chairman of Malvern College, Jihan Sadat, former First Lady of Egypt, Antony Clark, Headmaster of Malvern College, current CEO and Chairman of Azazy Group Khaled Azazy, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who promised that Malvern College Egypt will provide “education for an open mind.”           

“Here in Egypt, with a higher than average youth population and the official unemployment rate standing at 13%, this new British school brings great hope to many young people,” added Baroness Gloria Hooper.

“We are proud and honored to be associated with Malvern College, UK,” says Mr. Azazy. “The aim of Malvern College, Egypt is to enable its students to achieve academic excellence. However, what we aim to offer will go far beyond the realm of just academics. We believe that every child has a talent at something and we see it as our duty to recognize, nurture and foster that talent at an early age.”

The growth of British education demand in Egypt has been particularly noticeable over the last decade. However, the creation of Malvern College, Egypt marks a turning point, as this school is the very first UK franchise school in all of Egypt. Many of Malvern College’s Council members who attended the launch event expressed their excitement for the potential of this British-Egyptian collaboration, which has the ability to positively affect the lives of young students far beyond the shores of Egypt. Today, traditional British schools are mushrooming in all corners of the world, most notably in the Middle East and Asia.

With the vision, the desire and the knowledge brought together by Malvern College and the Azazy Group, its leaders hope to be able to expand this type of rigorous and balanced education in the near future to other parts of the Arab world.

“If we wish to equip future generations with the knowledge to solve the various problems they will face around the world in the years to come, there is no time to waste,” says Mr. Azazy. “We must ensure that all children around the world receive adequate education in order to prevent mistakes, made by previous generations, from reoccurring.”

In a globalized world, where English is increasingly the international language of commerce, the future of British education abroad appears brighter than ever, especially so when two highly qualified and knowledgeable educational institutions like Malvern College and Azazy Group come together with a spirit of cooperation and collaboration to form joint ventures in the best interests of their students.