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The Mongolian ger

Article - November 19, 2014

The Mongolian ger plays a key role in the Asian nation’s rich heritage but one company is ensuring the country’s famous moveable dwelling is being enjoyed around the world.

Modern Ger is one of the leading manufacturers of the ger, or yurt as it is known in other places, and is blending 3,000 years of tradition with cutting-edge modern design. Nomads across Central Asia are well used to the ecological living space but now the UNESCO-listed structure can be seen beyond the boundaries of Central Asia.

“We have a really big responsibility in order to protect and at the same time let the world know what the Mongolian ger is,” says Altantuya Sanduijav, Director General of Modern Ger, and adds: “It’s critical to keep an efficient size and structure from ancient tradition, but at the same time we would like to add some details to make it look more modern.”

The company, which started business in 2002, now ships a container abroad every two to three months. The ger, which has a lifespan of between 50 and 100 years, may be an ancient tradition but it is still loved today. “The Mongolian ger is one of the most profound and greatest contributions to Mongolian society and we are really proud of our ger way of living,” says Ms. Sanduijav. “It is one of the most eco-friendly, ecological housing which exists nowadays in the entire world.”

The company’s minute detail in the design and construction of the ger has attracted the interested of a number of partners, especially in Europe and in particular France. Modern Ger is not looking to stop there.

“The Mongolian ger is ecological and environmentally friendly, so of course it is beneficial and good for the clients’ health wherever they are living,” adds Ms. Sanduijav. “So whoever we partner with, we would like to welcome them to participate in delivering this ecological housing to the world.”