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1-2, Higashida-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

210-0005, JAPAN

Phone Number:

TEL : 044-222-5555

Fax Number:

FAX: 044-222-5556

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100 employees (Almost)


100 million yen (Almost)


5 billion yen (Almost)

Main Clients:

Japanese government

Imperial Household Agency

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

University of Tokyo

Japan Sewage Works Agency

Sony Corporation

Toyota Tsusho

Hong Kong government

Kingdom of Thailand

Metropolitan Cebu Water District (Philippines)

Introduction of your company & business:

Manufacture and sales of water treatment filter media (Filter Sand, Gravel, Anthracite and Special Filter Media)

Manufacture and sales of water treatment equipment (Water purification devices)

Rehabilitation works for municipal water treatment plants and private companies

Overseas business (ODA projects for water supply, water drainage for private factories, overseas disaster recovery support, Support associated with the Ukraine crisis, etc.)


“Grain by grain, drop by drop, NIHON GENRYO gives the world hope for life in future.”

Through the "manufacturing" spirit that we have always cultivated, we want to deliver glistening, life-giving water to people living everywhere and for future generations. This is the unchanging wish of NIHON GENRYO.


85 years of company history, From 1939 to 2024.

Founded in 1939, NIHON GENRYO was established for the purpose of manufacturing and selling sand to be used as glass materials

In 1945, started forming the basis of a company specializing in filter media under the guidance of the General Headquarters (GHQ) and related government offices.

In 2005, announced the development of the “MOBILE SIPHON TANK”, which can be used as a water-treatment system during disasters.

In 2023, Ukraine reconstruction support.

Key Products or Services:

Building on the introduction of the SIPHON sand washer, NIHON GENRYO has now also created the SIPHON TANK, an all-in-one system that purifies water and comes with built-in filter cleaning, and the Mobile SIPHON TANK (MST), a version of the SIPHON TANK that can easily be moved from location to location.

“This mobility is crucial, especially during disasters,” Mr. Saito says. “We believe this mobile system will become the global standard in the future. The MST gives you the flexibility to install the water treatment equipment you need where you need it. This approach represents the future of water supply.”

Factory Equipment:

SIPHON factory

Warehouse for storing SIPHON Tank and Mobile SIPHON Tank inventory

Technology / R&D activities:

Research and Development on New Filter Media

We identify not only water problems but also issues from multiple perspectives, such as resource depletion, and conduct research and development on filter media that solve customer problems and sustainable filter media that do not rely on natural resources.

Using the filtration knowledge and technology we have cultivated since our founding, we are striving every day to receive comments from our customers, saying "This is the product I have wanted!"

Research and Development of Water Treatment System

“SIPHON TANK” was developed and commercialized based on the accumulated knowledge of “Filter Rehabilitation Work”, which has a track record of being used at water purification plants all over Japan, and with the unique perspective of a filter media manufacturer that is familiar with filtration mechanisms. From this product, the road to the water treatment field started, and it has grown into our company's flagship product.

In the midst of a rapidly changing social environment, we use our sensitive antennas to catch any environmental changes and develop new technologies to solve the next set of challenges.

International Operations:

Our company will actively develop markets in the USA, Mexico and Central and South America, Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific Rim, and Africa. We are also looking for local business partners.

Internationals business (ODA projects for water supply, water drainage for private factories, overseas disaster recovery support, Support associated with the Ukraine crisis, etc.)

Business Achievements:

The MST has been central to Nihon Genryo’s key role in water supply restoration following the earthquake in Japan’s Noto Peninsula in January and has also been an integral element of the company’s participation in an infrastructure support initiative carried out by the Japanese government in Ukraine.

“Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ensuring a safe water supply became a critical challenge,” Mr. Saito explains. “Many water purification plants were severely damaged or malfunctioning. Ukrainian engineers have been invited to Japan for training, and four MSTs are arriving in Ukraine.”


Spring Medal with Yellow Ribbon Award

A ceremony was held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and we received an audience with His Majesty the Emperor at the Imperial Palace.

”The 5th Infrastructure Maintenance Award

Ministry of Defense Excellence Award Technology Development Category”

“Prizes for Science and Technology in Technology Category of The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”

“National commendation invention of the grand prize of the Prize of the Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry”

“22nd Kawasaki Best Entrepreneur Award of the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Competition-Business Idea-Seed Market”

“Incentive Award Kanagawa Business Audition in 2003”

“Award of Excellence in the Technology/Product Sector of the 15th SME New Technology / Product Award”

“Regional Environmental Technology Prize of the 19th Kanagawa High-Tech. Grand-Prix”

Company Goals & Objectives:

“We’re also actively pursuing business expansion in Central and South America, and have ongoing projects in the APEC Area as part of our global endeavours.”